Purple Is the New Black! Nourish Blonde Highlights for Curly Hair

Purple Is the New Black! Nourish Blonde Highlights for Curly Hair

Notice the spring in your step when walking out of a hair salon with bright, blonde luscious highlights? Bring that vibrancy home with you and make it last with one simple addition to your haircare routine weekly - purple shampoo and conditioner.

Only 2% of people globally are naturally blonde. That’s just one in 20 Americans. You’d never know it looking at the number of blondes in our daily lives. So, have you ever wondered how blondes with highlights keep their locks looking so vibrant and healthy?

Bright blonde hair is maintainable between salon visits with the right purple combo. The popularity of purple shampoos and conditioners continues to grow with more offerings than ever available to consumers to help them nourish their highlights without sacrificing color.

Purple shampoo enhances blonde pigmentation. Paired with a purple conditioner that repairs, it’s the one-two punch hair needs to maintain its brilliance for a salon-fresh look in between appointments. Top hairstylists recommend its use and encourage clients to try it.

Why purple, you ask for blonde highlights for curly hair?

Crushed violet pigments neutralize brassy and yellow tones. Purple and yellow cancel each other out since they’re complimentary colors, thus neutralizing unwanted brassy yellow shades. Kiss brassy hair days goodbye, whether you're a natural blonde or a blonde by choice.

It does take work and a commitment to keep blonde highlights for curly hair in tact and nourished, especially for curly hair. Color-treated hair needs TLC, and that’s why those with blonde and silver strands are turning to a purple hue for help to brighten the color and remove unwanted yellow pigment.

“I recommend replacing your regular shampoo and conditioner with a purple one at least once a week, just be careful not to overtone,” said hairstylist and Chita Beauty founder Suzi Abadjian. “The key is to let the purple act as a toner similar to what a hairstylist applies in a salon when coloring or highlighting hair to eliminate brassy undertones. Clients are getting savvier about at-home care between visits which has seen a surge in the request for purple shampoos and conditioners. From a hairstylist's perspective, this is welcome news to see clients so invested in maintaining their preferred shades of blonde or silver.”

Ashy, dull strands have no business ruining your look. Maintain your perfect shade of blonde or silver with the help of this dynamic duo.

Tone that brassiness and get a fresh look to your highlight in no time with the Purple Toning Shampoo and Conditioner from Chita Beauty.

Purple Toning Shampoo neutralizes unwanted yellow tones in the hair while brightening, providing moisture, adding shine, and reducing breakage. It works on natural blondes, highlighted, or gray hair, gently cleansing while toning while refreshing color to prevent dull-looking hair. Made with the highest quality of grape seed extract, it helps prevent split ends and conditions hair beautifully. The antioxidants contained in this extract result in healthier-looking hair and scalp. Grape seed is known to prevent color from fading and act as a heat protector from styling tools.

Follow it with the Purple Toning Conditioner to further neutralize yellows, adding moisture, shine and body to color and highlights. It is also ideal for a deep color enhancement conditioning treatment, with reparative properties that nourish hair cuticles.


Blondes in popular culture continue to captivate our attention, from iconic movies such as Legally Blonde to icons stars like Marilyn Monroe and SITC’s Carrie Bradshaw. Be right up there with them and turn heads with the help from Chita Beauty!

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