How to Make Your Hair Smell Good

How to Make Your Hair Smell Good

Peruse most beauty magazines and blogs and hair dominates a good portion of the editorial. Tips, trends, products - there’s so much information out there on treatments. But how do you make your hair smell good along with nourishing it?

Scented hair products are one way to go. This may seem like a simple answer, yet there are several things to consider. Keeping hair smelling good is a hygiene issue first and, of course, products come in a multitude of fragrances and strengths. It’s up to each individual to choose what scents are best suitable for them. 

Here’s some helpful advice and a new way to look at making hair smell amazing while also pampering it with shine and moisture.

“Want to know how to make your hair smell good that professional hairstyles love?” says hairstylist and Chita Beauty founder Suzi Abadjian. “Try a long-lasting hair oil! It’s a game-changer. This is how to make your hair smell good without washing it or using dry shampoo in between shampooing and conditioning.”

Did you know in ancient Egyptian, people used a combination of castor oil and almond oil (that sweetened the smell of the mixture) to promote hair growth, massaging it into the scalp? 

Finding a good smelling hair oil, such as one infused with marula, has many benefits in addition to a lovely scent. 

“Haircare is an extension of self-care,” adds Suzi. “Hair oil is among the best things you can do to add an instant fragrant touch whether at home or on the go. My personal favorite is marula oil for its subtle and appealing nutty scent. I use it regularly on myself and my clients and it’s one of my go-to products when training others on hairstyling techniques.”

Oils moisturize hair and many provide a natural way for hair to smell terrific. The trick is to apply the oil to the mid to lower half of the hair so that it prevents the roots from getting oily, especially if you don’t wash your hair daily.

Remember to clean your hair tools, such as brushes and combs, regularly to avoid build-up and residue that can transfer to your hair. That goes for bedding too. Get into a routine for overall better hygiene and your hair will thank you for it. It’ll keep both your hair and scalp healthier.

Take your hair care routine a step further. A combination of Marula Oil Treatment Mist and Jojoba Shine Mist creates a shine and scent that is captivating! The pleasant nutty marula oil scent sourced from the marula fruit tree has a noticeable odor that isn’t overwhelming or headache-inducing.

The jojoba seed oil found in the this shine mist enhances any look and makes hair feel healthy. Watch this tutorial with Suzi to see how she incorporates the Jojoba Shine Mist in a half up, half down style. A great look for spring and wedding season!

Jojoba Shine Mist is a thermal protection spray that instantly adds elegant shine to dry or dull hair. This shine mist speeds up the blow-dry process and is perfect for any hair type. Featuring jojoba seed oil, this one is a must-have right alongside your marula oil! Your locks will be smooth and soft and protected by environmental hazards of daily life, such as UV rays and smoke.

Now you know how to get rid of damaged ends and bring hair back to life smelling fantastic! 

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