Want Locks That Won't Budge? Try Our Strong Hair Spray!

Want Locks That Won't Budge? Try Our Strong Hair Spray!

Your haircare arsenal wouldn’t be complete without a strong hair spray. Perfect for updos and the current trend for sleek buns, we believe there isn’t a better product to obtain that gorgeous pulled-together look this year.

Red carpets are always the prime example of where strong hair spray has its moment to shine, with numerous celebrities sporting hair-tight buns the envy of any bun-wearing ballerina!

Middle part buns and tight top knot buns are popular at the moment. So are voluminous layered and textured looks that have us feeling ’90s vibes all over again.

Slick buns are all the rage on the runways, red carpets, and TikTok. We love the look that a firm hair spray helps create and it’s one that our founder Suzi Abadjian embraces for many of her clients. Low buns updos are one of Suzi’s personal favorites for a fast and effortless style for special occasions. Watch the tutorial and see how this amazing shiny look is created with a strong hair spray, featuring a clean classic bun perfect for weddings, cocktail parties, or red carpet events.

Another desirable look is a low-textured ponytail. To make it last and lock-in, you need a strong hair spray that sets as you section the hair so you can party and dance the night away without messing up your pony.

Suzi created Hard Lock for Chita Beauty, which is the essential pièce de résistance when creating runway looks for anyone ready to have the spotlight on them (a must-have at Fashion Weeks). It's a hard-working hair spray she loves using for brides and those celebrating a special occasion.

“When styling chignons or bombshell hair, you simply must rely on a firm hair spray to get the job done,” says Suzi. “Aside from keeping strands in place, it coats the hair with shine, protects against humidity, and keeps you looking fabulous even if you pull an all-nighter!”

Today’s hair sprays are much more flexible than their predecessors, with better ingredients that care of hair without making it sticky and unmanageable. The key is to look for ones that don’t weigh down locks, especially for fine hair. You can use a firm hair spray and not get that old crunchy feel common from outdated formulas. Strong hair sprays are designed for a final hold that sets in until you easily shampoo it out.

How we feel about our hair has a lot to do with our confidence in our appearance and identity. You know that feeling when you walk out of a salon? Recapture that with products that help you step into your comfort level and bring out your best self. We love to see women not just get their glam on but who also share the knowledge with their communities to support small businesses that are leaving a mark in the industry, one strand at a time!

When you’re ready for a dramatic look that influencers like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen love to wear, make sure your hairstylist grabs Hard Lock and recreates your version to fill up your Instagram feed and get those wisps under control!

Hard Lock adds the strength and volume necessary for long-lasting, eye-catching styles that take your hair to the next level.

Shop Chita Beauty Hard Lock Hair Spray to lock in those must-have styles for lustrous, natural shine. For more beauty tips, be sure to subscribe to the Chita Beauty YouTube Channel while you do your hair toss and check your nails . . . You know how the song goes!
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