The Best Flexible Hair Spray

The Best Flexible Hair Spray

Looking for the best flexible hair spray? You’re not alone. With today’s inspiring hair trends, it’s essential to find one that works with any hair type. For a weightless, soft, and natural finish, it's the finishing tool that ensures you’ll get the look that will last from AM to PM with a spritz here or there as needed to keep flyaways and humidity in check.

As we move towards a more casual lifestyle, hairstyles are following suit. Gone are the days of “stiff” hair dominating how we style our locks. Our clothes aren’t the only thing that’s gotten a bit more relaxed lately! Our attitudes towards how we do our hair every day or for special occasions are also changing. 

A flexible hair spray is needed more than ever as we are living a less structured lifestyle which can be seen in how we wear our hair for a more carefree feel and look. Even notable celebrations, such as proms, weddings, and graduations, have us enjoying hairstyles that are trending toward softer styles.

What is a good light hairspray? Try the best-selling Soft Control Hair Spray by Chita Beauty and head out feeling confident that your hair will hold up just fine. Heading to a music festival? Grab the travel size and have it with you for a quick touch-up. Who doesn’t love a messy bun? Or how about creating something fun with a space bun with loose hair? The Soft Control Hair Spray is the finishing touch made for your festival hair.

“The days of hairsprays that only create a stiff look are over,” said Suzi Abadjian, a bridal hair expert and founder of Chita Beauty. “For bounce, shine, and natural movement, flexible hair sprays are all the rage. Today’s women enjoy changing up their styles based on mood for a fresh, soft feel and a flexible hair spray creates a workable texture. For hairstylists like myself, it’s our go-to spray for styling some of the most talked about looks that grace beauty magazines, runaways, and red carpets. It’s so popular that we often have trouble keeping our brand in stock!” 

Soft Control is a sheer, modern hairspray with a soft hold that creates easy and beautiful styles, whether wearing hair up or down, curly or straightened. The result is flexible, brushable, and shiny-soft control with an exclusive fast-dry finish that’s humidity resistant and won’t dampen or dull smooth styles. Choose this workable hairspray that you can spritz on hair before you curl it. It won’t make the hair crunchy or stiff, especially for beach waves. After all, summer is not too far behind!

Suzi adds that a soft hair spray can be used before, during, and after styling. As she demonstrates in this informative video, check out her tutorial using the Soft Control hair spray to create an old Hollywood glam look. Add extensions if needed and you’re ready to bring back a sophisticated look that never really goes out of style.

The best flexible hair spray suits your hair texture and thickness and allows you to brush through it without any problems such as stickiness or being too strong to comb through. 

Suzi advises people to spray in the direction of the way they want their hair to hold and keep the can at least 8 to 10 inches away so it distributes evenly. Also, be mindful of finding one that isn’t overpowering in smell (Chita Beauty’s smells amazing!).


Shop Chita Beauty Soft Control Hair Spray and visit the Chita Beauty YouTube Channel for terrific tutorials by Suzi for many popular styles.

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