Why You Need to Add Heat Protection Spray for Hair into Your Routine

Why You Need to Add Heat Protection Spray for Hair into Your Routine

Before you reach for the blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron, it’s essential to prep your follicles with a thermal protection spray to instantly add elegant shine and create a protective barrier. It brings dull or damaged hair back to life and is necessary for any styling routine, acting as a shield against harsh elements.

If over-treated hair has got you down, spraying on a heat protection spray is an easy way to help revive your strands. Take it from the pros. You can get the salon-look when adding this essential to your hair regimen. It’s the secret element that every hairstylist has in their arsenal (you always wondered what they were spraying on your hair in addition to hairspray!).

“A heat protector seals the cuticle and locks in straight hair or curls,” says Suzi Abadjian, hairstylist and founder of Chita Beauty. “It also can make curls last a bit longer after a hairstyle. It keeps the hair from burning or overcooking as it shields the top layer, so important for sun-damaged and overly-treated hair. I tell my clients the many advantages of using a heat protection spray no matter what their hair type is so that they keep their strands healthy and shiny.”

Beautiful hair starts with quality hair products, and that’s what you’ll find in Chita Beauty’s Jojoba Shine Mist. This protective spray speeds up the blow-dry process (use before blow-drying) and is perfect for any hair texture. It has a heavenly smell that lasts all day. 

There are so many reasons to love Shine Mist. First, the blend of jojoba seed oil smoothes and coats dry hair, adding moisture while thickening and strengthening strands. Next, Vitamin E antioxidants protect hair from environmental hazards and create a healthy scalp and hair growth. Lastly, the UV absorber assists in protecting hair from sun damage.

Great for brides, beach bums, and beauty fashionistas, Jojoba Shine Mist is your companion for all of life's adventures and special occasions. It makes an excellent gift for a bridal party as a beauty essential for the big day.

From a straight, flat-iron look to a gorgeous bun or fishtail ponytail, you’ll want to start by protecting your lovely locks with a high-quality thermal protection spray before heat is applied to the hair. 

Creating the most trending hairstyles means taking a few extra seconds to spray on and comb through the shine mist to ensure that all strands are covered. You can even spritz from a distance for a stunning finish that locks in hair and gives it a fresh, glossy shine. Recreate any look by starting with this must-have on damp hair.

Our skin isn't the only thing that needs protection. It's important to protect hair from UV rays for those that enjoy the sun year-round. Take your Jojoba Shine Mist with you to the beach and spray some on before and during your fun time to protect your hair. 

A fan favorite, it’s the best thermal protection spray for hair that smooths frizzy or fried ends and protects hair from heat damage and environmental hazards. Plus, it’s alcohol-free and paraben-free.

Get the look you’ve always wanted while nourishing your hair with the proper nutrients for moisture and shine. Jojoba Shine Mist gives you the finishing touch you need to stand out in any crowd. 

Couture includes hair, darling, so why not make sure you look good from head to toe? Love your hair with Jojoba Shine Mist and watch your style turn heads in 2022!

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