Does Purple Toning Shampoo Work?

Does Purple Toning Shampoo Work?

Purple is making waves and as blonde-loving hairstyle pros, we’re so here for it!

You may have heard that Pantone selected a purplish hue for its color of 2022. We love to see purple getting the love it deserves since it plays such a vital role in our hair maintenance needs.


If you wonder if purple toning shampoo lives up to all the hype, the short answer is absolutely!

It’s more than just buzz. This jazzy hue neutralizes unwanted yellow tones and eliminates brassiness with crushed violet pigments, nourishing hair for brightness filled with moisture, shine, and less breakage.

Blonde hair is still a popular choice in 2022. Those hair-obsessed will especially like to hear that buttery platinum is making waves with celebrities and everyday fashionistas. For regular maintenance to keep it vivid and healthy, this haircolor calls for purple toning shampoo.


It’s real results delivered in a simple, effective way that easily fits into our busy lifestyles. It’s not as time-consuming as it may sound. Substitute your everyday shampoo with purple toning selection once or twice weekly and enjoy the vibrancy and shine added to locks. So worth the minimal effort for lasting results in-between salon visits. Hairstylists especially recommend purple shampoo since they like how it keeps platinum-colored hair vibrant and cool-toned.

“There’s nothing duller or more frustrating than having a gorgeous cut and color fade within a couple of weeks,” says Suzi Abadjian, hairstylist and founder of Chita Beauty. “There’s a simple remedy to that. Jazz up your haircolor and cut by maintaining that look thanks to the many benefits of purple shampoo. Choose one with grape seed extract that prevents split ends, conditions locks, and contains essential antioxidants for healthier-looking hair and scalp.” 

Chita Beauty’s knockout purple toning shampoo received some love from The List, noting for mane mavens: “The only place there should be a lot of brass is in a marching band. If you're scrolling through your friend's fierce selfies and notice a bit of brass, you're morally obligated to help.”

Give that new haircut and blonde hues longevity while banishing the brass with the must-have tool for hair and highlights. It’s not just for color-treated hair, however. Natural blondes benefit from purple toning shampoo as well. Sun and heating tools can cause natural hues to be dull. Add this at-home toner to your regimen and be rid of lackluster looks. It’s so important for sun-drenched lifestyles - no wonder it’s a must for California’s beach-loving peeps! 

There are at least 30 shades of blonde, so it’s super fun to find the one that goes great with skin tone and attitude. When picking the right blonde shade for you, minimal effort is needed to continue slaying your new look if you know which products to use. Don’t skimp on purple toning shampoo and waste time and money spent at the salon, gorgeous!

No matter how you like to wear your hair - straight, curly, updo, ponytail, beach waves, braided - color makes all the difference. Notice how blonde hues encourage many to be bold, warm, and flirty? So go all-out and keep that look fresh and oh-so-trendy from day one. You deserve it!

You’ve finally got that hairstyle that rocks. Now make it stand out even more with blonde shine and luminous flair. Shop Chita Beauty Purple Toning Combo today for maximum results, terrific as a color enhancement conditioning treatment. It’s a blond’s best friend!

Check out the Chita Beauty YouTube channel for fun and informative tutorials, including the popular Beach Waves hairstyle demonstrated by our founder, Suzi!
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